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We are a group of many interests and backgrounds.  We would love for people to find deeper connections among smaller groups with similar interests. 

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Beverage Brigade

Meet up and explore local wineries, breweries, bars or host a themed or regional wine/beverage night at your home.

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Lunch Bunch

Come explore all the culinary delights of the area restaurants with us

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Crafting Club

Get together with creative minds and explore and learn new crafting skills. 


Moms of Autistic Kids

Meet up with other AU-SOME moms!  Meetings for just parents and also playdates for the kids!


Bunco Club

Expert to never played before, Bunco is a game for everyone. Easy and fast-moving game paired with social time and snacks or drinks. Fun time!


Wellness Club

Let's get Physical! Who doesn't want a health partner? We are all about staying healthy together

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Rtiree Club

For spouses of retired soliders!


Book Club

Book Worms Unite! Dive into a new book and create new friendships on the way!


Activity Group

Explore different local activities like mini golf, a pottery wheel class, axe throwing, and more!

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