Ways & Means

Are you looking for the perfect baby, hostess, or Holiday gift? Or maybe Marne Community Memorabilia? Support your MCSC and buy some Hooah, household goods, and more!


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Cutting Board: $20

Etched IKEA Lantern: $18

Pillow: $16

20 oz Steel Tumbler: $15

Framed Burlap Coordinates: $10

Trivets: $8

Tea Towels: $8

Stained Glass Windows: $8

Wooden Houses: $8

Etched Mason Jar Mugs: $6

Ornaments: $5

Key FOB: $3

Magnet: $2

3ID pins: $2

Are you a crafter interested in selling your products with us on consignment?


Please fill out the form below and send to our Ways and Means contact at waysandmeans@marnecommunityandspousesclub.com

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